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We at Shinil Ace was born in the midst of the IMF storm and has ceaselessly been running without a single moment of complacency.
The greatest value has been our customers’ trust, which has fueled us to be where we are today.

Emphasizing relationships and work rather than immediate profits and treating people in a genuine, sincere manner are the corporate values that Shinil Ace shares with its company family.

Shinil Ace is a company that conducts on its own the entire production process from development, design and manufacturing to distribution, verification and certification, and has built the largest infrastructure in relevant areas.
Currently, we are directly involved in the engineering of our products for various turnkey businesses and projects of a great degree of difficulty with renowned domestic companies as well as global brand partners, and have solidified our status as a powerhouse in tube fitting and instrument valves through our brand widely recognized in different corners of the world.

Under the circumstances of competition, we will maximize your company’s competitiveness with our technology and know-how.
For our customers’ satisfaction and profits, Shinil Ace will never cease to take leaps and be innovative.

Thank you.

CEO Park Jae-gap

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